Choosing the Perfect Colour of Anniversary Flowers: Conveying Emotions Through Floral Hues

Celebrating a milestone anniversary is a momentous occasion, and what better way to express the depth of your love than through the language of flowers? In this guide, let’s explore the meanings behind various colours and how they can be combined to create the perfect bouquet for your anniversary.

Meanings of colours for anniversary flowers

The choice of flower colours for anniversaries often carries symbolic meanings that can enhance the sentiment of the occasion. Here are some common colours and their meanings:



Red is a colour that exudes passion and is a universal symbol of love, making it a perfect option for anniversary flowers. Choosing flowers in this colour, especially the iconic red roses is a great way to express your desire and deep affection towards your loved ones. The rich, velvety tones of the red bouquet also signify the flame of commitment that burns fiercely throughout your journey together.



White, with its pristine aura, embodies purity, sincerity, and the promise of fresh beginnings. White anniversary flowers, such as lilies or tulips, make a classic choice for celebrating your blissful life together. The immaculate beauty of the white bouquet makes it ideal for couples honouring their long-lasting relationships and the potential for a future filled with more precious memories.


Soft and romantic, pink is a colour that exudes love and compassion. Giving your special someone a bouquet in these shades, such as peonies or carnations is a lovely way to express your admiration and gratitude towards them. These pink blossoms ideally reflect the affectionate aspects of your connection, creating an anniversary gift that embodies the sweet moments with your partner.




The orange colour, which combines the warmth of red with the vivacity of yellow, infuses enthusiasm and energy into anniversary bouquets. Choosing orange flowers such as marigolds or gerbera daisies will symbolise the dynamic and spirited quality of your relationship. This shade reflects the happiness that comes with being in love, reflecting the ever-changing and vibrant spirit of your romance.




The warm hue of yellow brings a burst of joy to anniversary bouquets. Yellow flowers, including the sunny disposition of sunflowers or the cheerful petals of daisies, are perfect for adding a lively and optimistic touch to your loving celebration. Representing the joyous moments and friendship within a relationship, they convey a message of pleasure and years of shared laughter.




Being the same colour as the sea and sky, the colour blue has been well known to symbolise peace, tranquillity and calmness. Due to their symbolism of trust and openness, blue flowers such as hydrangeas or delphiniums make an amazing wedding anniversary gift. With the rarity and uniqueness of these blossoms, your partner will surely be impressed when they receive a thoughtful blue flower bouquet!




Purple flowers such as lavenders or orchids are associated with elegance, enchantment, and the feeling of being captivated by each other. These hues represent the mystical and magical elements of love, which makes them perfect for expressing your admiration and adoration. The deep and royal tones of purple blooms are suitable for couples celebrating their milestone anniversaries.

Popular colour combinations for anniversary flowers

When it comes to anniversary flowers, opting for unique colour combinations can add a special touch. Here are some delightful colour combinations for anniversary bouquets:

Gentle contrast colour combination

One of the best ways to create a harmonious anniversary bouquet is to choose two colours. If you are looking for something that provides a gentle contrast to celebrate your first meeting anniversary, why not try a combination of pink and blue flowers? This simple bouquet is ideal for reminiscing about the first moment you met each other.

A Tale of Two Colours
"A Tale of Two Colours" Bouquet


For a newlywed celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary, getting a bouquet with a combination of pastel colours such as pink, white, and brown are recommended. It symbolises the delicate emotions within the first year of your life together, with pink conveying sweetness, white embodying purity, and brown bringing depth to the bouquet.

peach and blush pink flower bouquet garden style 02
"Country Blush" Bouquet


To signify the golden jubilee of your love, consider a vibrant flower bouquet. For example, a combination of red, yellow, orange, and blue flowers symbolise various sentiments, including profound affection, virtue, humility, and faithfulness. This lively and harmonious arrangement makes it suitable to honour your wedding’s yearly milestones.

bright colourful flower bouquet garden style 02
"Wild Matisse" Bouquet

Monochromatic arrangements for anniversary flowers

Whether simplicity or bold statements are desired, monochromatic arrangements provide a sophisticated option for anniversary bouquets.


For the 1st dating anniversary, consider an all-white bouquet as it symbolises simplicity and sincerity during the early stage of your relationship. An arrangement of white flowers, such as lilies and daisies, combined with green foliage makes a stunning gift that may be used to express your sincere appreciation.

white flower bouquet garden style 02
"Snow White" Bouquet


To celebrate the strength of your marriage, give your loved ones a bouquet with varying shades of red, from deep burgundy to vivid scarlet. Combining several red flowers such as roses and carnations in your bouquet allows you to express your rich and intense expression towards your partner.

red and burgundy flower bouquet garden style 01
"Scarlet Witch" Bouquet


A yellow bouquet is a wonderful gift for a partner who is as sunny and bright as the flower arrangement itself. For instance, the use of sunflowers in the arrangement symbolises loyalty and commitment making it suitable for the celebration of long-term relationships or marriages.

yellow flower bouquet garden style
Walking on Sunshine


At Jubilant Fields, we understand the significance of choosing the perfect colour of flowers for your special day. As you celebrate your anniversary, let the colourful language of flowers express the depth of your emotions towards your special one. Explore our collection of floral gifts suited for wedding anniversaries or contact us if you wish to create a unique floral arrangement that reflects your loving connection.