Country Blush


“Pink isn’t just a colour, it’s an attitude.” — Miley Cyrus

The classic sweet pink bouquet has undergone a makeover. There is a certain country charm to this bouquet when blush meets accents of dusky pink, peach, ivory white and plum brown. Ultra-feminine yet full of character, this pink bouquet design is a definite crowd pleaser, even among the pink naysayers.


This is an excellent bouquet choice for:

  • Pink lovers
  • Soft-spoken, gentle personalities
  • Expressing your love and care to someone
  • Birthdays
  • The arrival of a newborn baby girl
  • Wedding anniversaries


Your flower bouquet will be beautifully packaged with complementary floral wrapping paper and satin ribbon, and delivered in a sturdy paper bag. Stems of the bouquet are aqua-packed to ensure maximum freshness.


Unsure about which bouquet size to go for? Please see our Sizing Guide for details.


Our bouquets are 100% handcrafted and are designed to match the described colour palette, never specific flower types. Hence, flowers of your bouquet will vary from the photos. If you’re allergic to certain flowers/foliage, please leave a note during checkout.

Your bouquet will be delivered at any time within your chosen time window.


If you need the flowers to be delivered before/by a specific time, please contact us before placing your order to confirm if special arrangements can be made for you. Kindly note that a service fee may apply to your request.


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