A Tale of Two Colours


“We are stronger together than we are alone.” — Walter Payton

Oh, the irresistible charm of the blue and pink pairing! In fact, it is so alluring that shades of both colours were once jointly crowned as Pantone Colour of the Year, the very first time this ever happened. We draw inspiration from this colour match, blending shades of blue and pink with touches of cream and white.


We recommend this as a gift for:

  • Gentle, peace-loving individuals
  • Those who love blue and pink colours
  • The arrival of a newborn baby girl or boy
  • Wedding anniversaries


Your flower bouquet will be beautifully packaged with complementary floral wrapping paper and satin ribbon, and delivered in a sturdy paper bag. Stems of the bouquet are aqua-packed to ensure maximum freshness.


Unsure about which bouquet size to go for? Please see our Sizing Guide for details.


Our bouquets are 100% handcrafted and are designed to match the described colour palette, never specific flower types. Hence, flowers of your bouquet will vary from the photos. If you’re allergic to certain flowers/foliage, please leave a note during checkout.

Your bouquet will be delivered at any time within your chosen time window.


If you need the flowers to be delivered before/by a specific time, please contact us before placing your order to confirm if special arrangements can be made for you. Kindly note that a service fee may apply to your request.


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