Floral centrepieces play a pivotal role in creating a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere at corporate events. Choosing the right type of flower arrangement is crucial to complement the overall theme, enhance the ambiance, and leave a lasting impression on attendees. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to choose the perfect flower centrepieces for your corporate event.

Step #1:
Selecting the Right Flower Arrangement Type

The first consideration in choosing the right flower centrepieces for your corporate event is understanding the various arrangement types and their suitable table settings:

Bud Vases

Ideal for: Events with space or budget constraints, cocktail tables


Bud vases are a minimalist and budget-friendly option. They are particularly suitable for smaller corporate gatherings, cocktail parties, or events with limited space. Despite their petite size, these flower arrangements can make a significant impact, especially when strategically placed throughout the event space.

bud vase flower centrepiece corporate events decor

Long Low Centrepieces

Ideal for: Oblong tables and long dining tables


Long low centrepieces are ideal for formal dinners, conferences, or any setting where an elongated display is visually appealing. The linear design of these floral arrangements compliments the shape of the table, creating an elegant and cohesive look that adds to the overall aesthetic of the room.

long low flower centrepiece corporate events decor

Low Round Centrepieces

Ideal for: Round tables


Low round centrepieces are a classic and versatile choice that complements round tables. Their unobtrusive height encourages an intimate setting, allowing for easy communication among attendees. This style is particularly well-suited for networking events, small gatherings, or any occasion where a cosy and communal atmosphere is desired.

low round flower centrepiece corporate events decor

Tall Centrepieces

Ideal for: Reception areas, bar areas, buffet lines, and attention-grabbing spaces


Tall centrepieces are designed to draw attention to specific areas within your event where guests are likely to gather. The vertical height of these floral arrangements draws the eye upward, making them an excellent choice for making grand entrances or emphasising key focal points throughout the venue.

tall flower centrepiece corporate events decor

Step #2:
Choosing Between All-Round or One-Sided Arrangements

Consider the layout of your event space when deciding between one-sided or all-round flower arrangements:

All-Round Arrangements

Ideal for: Centralised table placement


All-round arrangements are designed to be viewed from all angles, making them suitable for tables placed at the centre of the room or in open spaces. This type of arrangement ensures that every guest gets a delightful view of the floral display.

all round flower centrepiece corporate events decor

One-Sided Arrangements

Ideal for: Placement against a wall, where the back of the floral arrangement cannot be viewed by guests


One-sided arrangements are suitable for tables placed against walls or in settings where only the front and the side of the flower display will be visible. This is a practical choice for maximising visibility and impact in specific spaces.

one sided flower arrangement corporate events decor

Step #3:
Determining Flower Arrangement Style

The style of your floral arrangements sets the tone for your event. Consider the overall theme, colour palette, and ambiance you wish to create:

CLASSIC Arrangements

The sophistication of classic arrangements complements formal settings and adds a refined touch to the overall decor.


Characteristics: Timeless and elegant designs, symmetrical and balanced compositions. Utilises traditional flowers such as roses, lilies, and hydrangeas


Ideal for: Formal corporate events, conferences, galas and events with a traditional or sophisticated theme

classic flower arrangement centrepiece corporate events decor

Modern Arrangements

Modern arrangements provide a fresh and dynamic look, making a statement that aligns with the forward-thinking nature of current corporate environments.


Characteristics: Sleek, minimalist designs, unconventional flower choices and unique shapes. Incorporates bold colour palettes and contemporary elements


Ideal for: Tech conferences, product launches, corporate parties, modern-themed events, and event with a cutting-edge or innovative theme.

modern flower arrangement centrepiece-corporate events decor

Step #4:
Considering Other Factors

Take into account the specific details of your event to ensure your flower centrepieces align with the overall experience:


While aiming for visually stunning centrepieces, it is essential to work within your budget constraints. Collaborate closely with your florist to explore options that align with your financial plan.


This may involve selecting in-season flowers, considering locally sourced blooms, or opting for alternative materials to complement the floral arrangements. A skilled florist can help you make the most of your budget to maximise the visual impact.

Event Duration

Short duration: For events with a brief duration, you have the flexibility to choose more delicate or exotic flower varieties. This is an opportunity to make a bold statement and experiment with unique and eye-catching blooms.


Multiple days: In contrast, for events spanning several days, durability is key. Select hardy and long-lasting flowers that can maintain their freshness and vibrancy throughout the entire duration of your event.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Indoor events: Indoor events provide a controlled environment, allowing for broader flower choices. Delicate blooms and varieties that thrive in stable conditions can be considered. Pay attention to the overall decor scheme, lighting, and temperature when selecting indoor-appropriate flowers.


Outdoor events: Outdoor events present unique challenges, especially when it comes to withstanding varying weather conditions. Choose flowers and foliage that can endure exposure to sunlight, wind, and potential temperature fluctuations. Tropical varieties are often a resilient choice for outdoor events in Singapore, as they are accustomed to warmer climates and can maintain their freshness even in challenging conditions.

Choosing the right flower centrepieces for your corporate event involves a thoughtful blend of creativity, practicality, and attention to detail. By following these steps, you can ensure that your floral arrangements contribute to the overall ambiance, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and making your event a blooming success.


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