Contract Artistic Flowers

Here at Jubilant Fields Floral Studio, we understand exactly how the magic of flowers can set the ambience or enhance the atmosphere of your business space. That’s why our ongoing Contract Flowers service offers floral elegance combined with seamless convenience for your office reception, hospitality space, hotel lobby, or retail environment.


As your professional Contract Flowers partner, we also understand how these floral arrangements go beyond decoration, but represent the face of your business that will greet your guests.


With a keen eye for interior aesthetics, a deep understanding of colour therapy, and an adventurous penchant for unique and surprising pairings, we curate bespoke floral arrangements that are not only beautiful but, more importantly, welcoming for your guests.


Our floral team will also sit down with you to understand your exact needs so that we can plan floral arrangements that are specifically tailored to your specific requirements and that complement your brand’s identity.


From weekly blooms to seasonal transformations, we will work closely with you to deliver on unmatched freshness and artistic flair that will suit your business space perfectly. To find out how we can help, simply contact us today for a non-obligatory discussion.

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